Life As A refugee

Ever imagined being a refugee? Imagine being forced to leave a place you have always called home” your country ” to safety… If  lucky enough  you  may pack a bag. Otherwise, you simply leave  everything and run.


Imagine  beginning a brand new  life in a different country requiring you to adjust to its laws, education and health systems,  languages and  culture  totally different from your previous life style. Seriously,this all appears to be a nightmare  due to the circumstances under which they depart their home country.

Of course to one who is not a refugee or an asylum seeker, moving to a new place is really an exciting moment. Actually what makes this different for refugees or asylum seekers is the challenges they face due the unexpected movement.

Hopeless as they may feel as they  flee, a refugee’s prayer seems to be able to land in the hands of people who stand closely with them in the terrible time. Fortunately, a  number of humanitarian organisations, HIJRA incusive in support for refugees work tirelessly to overcome  some of the challenges they usually face.

In Oruchinga refugee settlement,  HIJRA in particular  with support from UNHCR is doing great work  in  improving refugee livelihoods through farming, agriculture and setting up of income  generating activities thus reducing hunger and poverty among other challenges that refugees usually face.Surely, life as a refugee can be difficult to imagine.

Let’s Join Hands  For This Noble Cause.


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