Could this be the beginning of a new page for them??We hope so.

Millions still signing the #WithRefugees petition, the world looks on eagerly awaiting the outcome of the UN Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants to be held at the General Assembly in New York on September 19.

The historic event anticipated to be attended by heads of state and government, Ministers and leaders from the UN System and representatives of civil society, among others comes at  a time of multiple global crises, and when large-scale movements of refugees and migrants are challenging many countries – even stoking xenophobia in some quarters, says Melissa Fleming the UNHCR spokesperson.

“it is very significant that 193 Member States of the United Nations are coming together to agree on a way forward to manage the challenges better, together,” she added.

Some of the issues to be included in the declaration once adopted will be States declaring profound solidarity for people who are forced to flee their homes; reaffirm their obligations to full respect of the human rights of refugees and migrants and pledge robust support to those countries affected by large movements of refugees and migrants.

The Declaration will also include commitments common to refugees and migrants, including: combating exploitation, racism and xenophobia, savings lives en route, as well as ensuring border procedures follow due process and are in line with international law; with special attention to children and women.

“It also includes paying attention to the needs of women, children and those with health care needs, recognizing and facilitating the positive contributions of migrants and refugees, ensuring they are part of development priorities, and ensuring adequate, flexible and predictable funding,” Fleming said.

According to International Organization for Migration spokesperson Leonard Doyle, 244 million migrants needed to see their issues addressed on the table rather than in the ante-room.

“It is high time every country tackled migration in a grown-up, managed way,” he noted.

The Framework  to be used also emphasizes the importance of refugees becoming self-reliant and addressing the needs of local host communities, said Fleming.


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