Peace is a key factor in the development and sustainability of any society and nation. Without peace, the world would be a difficult place to live in. This is why on the 21st of September every year, United Nations and the rest of the world are reminded of the importance of maintaining world peace by celebrating International World Peace Day. With this year’s theme “The sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” The Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-Moon urges all of us to work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality, to build a greener planet and make sure no one is left behind.

Uganda also took part in this year’s celebrations which were held in Bundibugyo District in Western Uganda to commemorate the past tribal clashes that occurred within the district earlier this year.

Hon MUSA ECWERU, Minister of State for Disaster and Relief was the chief guest and he saluted humanitarian agencies in particular UNHCR with its implementing partners HIJRA and CAFOMI in the plight of restoring peace within the volatile Rwenzori region especially Bundibugyo District. The agencies managed to attain peace through youth job employment and effective service delivery of reestablishing the Bubukwanga Gravity Water Flow Scheme serving both the Bubukwanga refugee transit Centre and the host communities from both Bughendera and Bwamba Counties.


HIJRA was represented by Eng. Richard Ochaya who was recognized by Hon Ecweru and the RDC Bundibugyo Mr. Muchunguzi Godfrey for his partnership, leadership and team work exhibited while responding to the emergencies.


Bundibugyo District Team and Uganda Red Cross Bundibugyo which are operations OPM and other Government Units run are ready to support humanitarian agencies like HIJRA and CAFOMI as they try to restore and maintain peace in the community.



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