“Developing each other through working together”.

Losing hope and giving up is the last thing on the minds of the members of Duterimbire Group from Kisoro village. After receiving capacity building training on how to save and improve their farming like using the green house farming method, they have managed to see some positive change already.


“Some of the members of Duterimbire Group”

“Duterimbire”  a Kinyarwanda word which means “development” is comprised of 20 members of which 18 are women and 2 are men. The members started the group majorly to develop themselves (hence the choice of name) and educate their children. It was an opportunity for them to pool together their resources and grow as one.

They are grateful for the HIJRA and UNHCR programs introduced to them. They have been able to send their children to school, learn how to save and grow crops on a large scale using the climate smart methods they were trained on.

Maria Minani, 35, a single mother and refugee from Burundi who has received capacity building and trainings from HIJRA and UNHCR, has been able to send 7 of her 8 children to school this past year.


“Minani with her son standing in front of their home in Kisoro Village .”

She is now able to sell the crops she grows (beans and maize) as a way of getting income for school fees and scholastic materials for her children. When her produce is done, she does not worry for she can use the savings from the Duterimbire group where she is an active member.


 “Minani with her youngest son sorting beans from previous harvest .”

More and more women from Kisoro village in Oruchinga are continuing to use the farming methods introduced to them and forming more Village Saving Loans Association (VSLAs) as a way of ensuring food security and boosting self-sustainability.










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