Some people use their talents for entertainment, others use them as a way of passing on valuable lessons and messages but for Safi Bakuukahe, 25, she used her talent of drama and arts to get her life back on track.

Seated in her newly renovated house, Bakuukahe acclaims drama for saving her life. It was after joining Tukwatanise Drama Group, that she was exposed to different activities conducted by HIJRA like drama participation, counselling sessions and capacity building trainings.

Bakuukahe was inspired to start a small business of selling jewelry and other items from the Village Savings and Loan Schemes training that was conducted within her group.

“With the support and money I received from HIJRA, I was able to start up a small business of selling jewelry and shoes to my fellow refugees and even the locals in the area” beamed Bakuukahe proudly as she pulled out some of her merchandise for us to see. “Tukwatanise Drama Group has now blossomed into a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SAACO) and continues to equip us its members with more skills. In this way, we are given more hope not to give up and reminded that no situation is permanent.”

She has been able to leave her haunting past behind and looks forward to a brighter future with her husband and 3 children who she fled DRC with in 2013 due to family conflicts and the war. Bakuukahe hopes to expand her business by purchasing more items to sell and one day own her own cosmetic shop.




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