HIJRA with funding from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is implementing a project on climate resilience in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement in Isingiro District. The project aims at improving the resilience of  refugees to climate change-related effects as well as reducing the adverse effects of climate change. Learning visits were  conducted in Namutumba where refugees learnt climate smart agricultural practices such as mulching, use of manure, agroforestry row planting, planting in basins, crop rotation, minimum tillage, integration of crop production with animal production among  other agronomic practices. Five (5) large functional zonal level  greenhouses were 5 established in five zones in Oruchinga refugee settlement. Agro inputs were procured; all nursery beds for the greenhouse were established and transplanting of seedlings done in two (2) greenhouses of Michinga and Kazinga zones. For the other three green houses, HIJRA has established nursery beds.


As a way of supporting backyard gardening for nutrition and income generation at household level, the refugees have established nursery beds in 13 villages within the settlement. The nursery beds are cultivated with vegetables including: cabbages, beetroot, onions, tomatoes, egg plants and spinach.

Thirty (30) farmers with prepared gardens have received vegetable seeds including, cabbages, beetroot, tomatoes and fungicides (victory) to control fungal diseases.


HIJRA has established 5 fish cages each stocked with 4,000 fingerlings. The participating groups were trained on management of the fish cages including regular feeding of the fingerlings. The trainers often make bi-weekly visits to Oruchinga to monitor the growth of the fish and address any emerging challenges.




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