Where there’s a will, there’s a way

One never knows their true strength till being strong is the only option they are left with especially when the crisis generates from family. The group solely meant to protect you and have be on your side always.

Elegantly standing at 6 foot something with an aura of excellence surrounding her dark beautiful complexion makes one admire Esther (not real name) more after she narrates her story.

16 years ago, she run away from home after her family tried to force her into an underage marriage. Young and naïve, she was deceived by a man disguised as a good Samaritan who turned against her at the sight of trouble from her estranged family. From this man, she conceived her first child. Life was not rainbows and butterflies the 6 years that followed. Within that time she got two more children, one resulting from an act of rape because of the existing conflict between Dinkas and Shiru tribes in Southern Sudan where she hails from.

“I had lost all hope till UNHCR relocated me to Nakivale from Madiokola Camp in Uganda in Northern Uganda. I was completely alone, no friends and family. I only kept pushing for my three children, “she reflects.

With the strong will to survive, Esther built her own house where she currently lives and rents out the front room space which generates extra income for her family plus she also tutors English over the weekend. She is determined to give her children the best in life so on top of being the breadwinner, she is pursuing her A level education and is a candidate majoring in HED/Sub math.

However this comes with a price. She has to walk over a kilometer daily to school, she often misses the night classes as she has to be home to tend to her children, who also go to school. This forces her to lag behind in school but this further continues to motivate her.

“I hope to get accepted into university and do BBA. My only challenge now is who will look after my children when I’m away. “

Esther is one strong phenomenal woman.


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