About us

Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief (HIJRA) is a humanitarian organisation that aims to positively contribute towards improving the living standards of those adversely affected by disasters and conflict in the greater horn of Africa; Somalia, Kenya and Uganda.

In 1992, following the rebel led oust of the Barre regime, Somalia was plunged into anarchy. Somalian leadership was divided, different clans were fighting for power, mass starvation was threatening the country and the number of Internally Displaced People and refugees was growing drastically. A collective of professionals, community leaders and individuals founded HIJRA to respond to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Two decades later,  HIJRA established a program office in Uganda. Today, a staff of 30 people work in three different camps; Oruchinga, Nyakabande and Bubukwanga to provide life saving services, integrate refugees into the community, protect their rights and empower them to regain their independence and hope.

Our Vision:

HIJRA envisions the end of human suffering in the Horn of Africa

Our Mission:

HIJRA’s mission is to provide rapid response to basic needs of the most vulnerable communities in The Greater Horn of Africa by implementing humanitarian programmes.

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