Peace is a key factor in the development and sustainability of any society and nation. Without peace, the world would be a difficult place to live in. This is why on the 21st of September every year, United Nations and the rest of the world are reminded of the importance of maintaining world peace by […]


Life As A refugee

Ever imagined being a refugee? Imagine being forced to leave a place you have always called home” your country ” to safety… If  lucky enough  you  may pack a bag. Otherwise, you simply leave  everything and run. Imagine  beginning a brand new  life in a different country requiring you to adjust to its laws, education and […]

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UNDP-HIJRA : securing the future with sustainable livelihoods

On a 50 by 100 meter plot, refugees cultivate year in year out. The constant strain on the land coupled with the increasing populations’ demand for the same resources led to environmental deterioration.With funding from the United Nations development Programme (UNDP), HIJRA has this month began implementing activities that will ensure food security and improve climate resilience of the refugees in the settlement.

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